Marconi Succeeds in Winning the Best of ISE 2019 Award!

Integrated Systems Europe is the largest exhibition in the world for professionals in AV and systems integration. The 2019 tradeshow is the biggest ISE so far, with over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees. The event will be held at the Amsterdam .There is the most recent news from the most recent ISE Tradeshow; Marconi won “the Best of ISE 2019 Award by Rave pubblication”. The award holds much importance as it is the best of the best, as described by Rave. Well, the reason is quite evident; they went to each and every booth present at ISE and analyzed each and every project presented on a personal level. It is almost impossible for an attendee to visit all the booths present there so one can imagine how hard and tiresome this process would be for them. This is why it is apparent that the results are simply the best. Additionally one can ponder their minds upon the thought that what if teams and companies bribed them and got into the list, well if it were for any other award, you could have easily said that but Rave makes it clear that one cannot get into the competition or win it by either giving money or even offering sponsorship, it is completely merit based. Marconi won two awards in two categories: “Best New ProAV Furniture Product” for the Marconi Auditorium seat and one of the 12 stands of “Most Ubiquitous Technology” with the display motorized solutions for UC application. The solution presented for seat integration is impeccable, a very small space is used for the microphone at one arm which is connected to the smart keyboard , a writing tablet and a seatback . The reason why this solution and many other presented by Marconi are such a success and are perfect in their own way is because of the efforts that the company put in making of these products which are benefitting and will continue to benefit humankind in a long run. We are happy to announce this award that was presented to Marconi at the ISE 2019 tradeshow and hope that the attendees and people who watched the coverage were also wonderstruck by this amazing innovation in the field of AV. ISE is the greatest platform which provides such direct engagement of manufacturers and system integrators with the end users, where they are willing to discuss their products with people who will eventually end up using them. This is not something that has been happening since forever, so special thanks to ISE for doing this and many congrats to Marconi who made it to the award winning list!