Get this Connector Plug for your Conference and Collaboration Table

If you’re looking for a connector plug, then don’t look further because the Connector Plug made by Marconi is your best option for conference and collaboration tables. It provides great utility and comes in an elegant design. It is part of the Solo Series made by Marconi. A connector plug is the component which allows for two different type of equipment to be connected.

There is a simple concept to it; Marconi provides maximum versatility for functional and aesthetic point of views. The design engineered is ultra-compact which allows for an easy installation onto any type of fixture or furniture. The finishing can be custom made according to the needs of the interior designers which will also provide a functional aspect.
The connector plug is one of a kind and provides excellent utility to the user as it can be equipped with various types of connectors, from XLR to RJ45, from USB to HDMI and so on.

Covers all Connections

Whether you’re looking to connect your XLR microphone, or RJ45 for network connections, the Connector Plug will have that covered. It has been designed keeping the needs of the customers in mind. It is a perfect accessory for your corporate or personal needs. The Connector Plug is a standalone product. However, it is suited with other products from the Marconi Line in combination.

For example, it provides a clean and elegant network connection for your Desktop or with a Multimedia Board to connect it with a microphone and helps you access the many facilities of the Marconi Conference Solutions.

The Connector Plug is the Best Fit

Providing many facilities to choose from, the Connector Plug is all that you need.

  • It connects to all the major plugs available: HDMI, USB, XLR and many more
  • Has a foldable cover for closing the Upper Surface whenever not in use to provide it with clean impact
  • Comes in a High Quality Aluminum Material
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Provides fast maintenance for all the devices connected
  • Best choice for tables that have a thickness over 2 cm

Comes In Elegant and Sophisticated Colors

The Connector Plug comes in three different types of colors:

  • Black Brushed or Sandblasted
  • Gold Brushed
  • Silver Brushed

Choose Marconi’s Connector Plug

Marconi prides itself in knowing that the connector plugs made are of superior quality. The company aims on providing its’ customers with the best connector plug in the market. Customers have come to rely on Marconi for their connector plugs needs.
As we live in a more connected and digital age, it is important to get the right connector plugs for your individual or corporate needs. The connector plugs provide great utility and are essential for connecting to almost every type of electronic equipment that one may use.
Using the correct connector is important as it will help provide an extensive range of interconnect solutions to satisfy your everyday need. Try out the connector plug for yourself and find out why customers rely on it.