Marconi Technologies Bring AV Innovations to the 2019 ISE Tradeshow

Marconi Technologies SA is participating in the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe tradeshow in Amsterdam. From 5 to 8 February 2019, the company will showcase some of its innovative AV and systems integrations products that are designed to change the way you deliver a presentation.

Marconi is renowned for creating something new and innovative and for combining the Italian design and Swiss technological accuracy in their products. It is committed to satisfying the most demanding installation requirements and projects.

In the ISE 2019 exhibition, expect to be blown away.

What can you expect to see from Marconi?

The booth 5-v25 will be home to some of the company’s innovative products, including the Tilting Tabletop, the Marconi PTZ Camera, and the MODE conference system. Each of these items has something unique and ultra-functional to offer. And you get an opportunity to see and test them out for yourself during the ISE 2019 tradeshow.

What’s interesting about the featured product?
The tilting tabletop S-TT13 is more than just your regular titling desk with its Italian-designed hardware and choice materials. It offers exceptional visualization experiences that vary, depending on the direction that the tabletop is tilted.
In an open position, you only see the monitor and a tabletop surface that is clear of anything else. Use it as a writing desk while viewing the open screen.

Where is the keyboard then or other peripherals?
That’s what you’re going to find out during the exhibition.
The Marconi PTZ camera, on the other hand, not only works as designed—pan, tilt, and zoom, but also comes with intelligent features. It automatically switches between pre-set positions and zoom when it detects events worthy of capturing up-close.

Then, there’s the Marconi Multimedia and Interactive MODE conference system that has taken center stage at a conference room in the prestigious municipality of Kutahya, Turkey. At the ISE 2019 tradeshow, you get to see with your own eyes what makes the conference system a cut above the rest.
The desktop units, S-RM15, and other equipment are sure to change the way you host debates, share documents, and run voting sessions.
The MODE conference system is also compatible with the Marconi PTZ camera.
If you want to know what equipment to install to create a robust conference system, visit Marconi’s 5-v25 boot from 5 to 8 February 2019.
Speak to their representatives for more information about all the products they are offering. Get a clear picture of how Marconi can change the way you set up and host a conference.

About Integrated Systems Europe

Integrated Systems Europe is the largest exhibition in the world for professionals in AV and systems integration.
The 2019 tradeshow is the biggest ISE so far, with over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees. The event will be held at the Amsterdam RAI. A program of conferences will be held at the nearby Hotel Okura as well.
So grab the opportunity to join the ISE 2019 exhibition and experience firsthand what Marconi Technologies has to offer.