Innovative Marconi Multimedia and Interactive MODE Conference System for the Municipality of Kutahya

Kutahya is an area in Turkey with a rich history, drawing both local and foreign tourists. Tackling tourism needs and a host of other issues falls on the shoulders of municipal officers. Such type of work needs the best tools to facilitate collaboration and ensure productivity.

Marconi is proud to have equipped the Municipality of Kutahya with its innovative Multimedia and Interactive MODE27 conference system. Such a system in place allows officers to hold meetings, share documents, and encourage collaboration in order to address the needs of the people.

What is a MODE conference system

Combining technology and design in order to create innovative solutions is at the heart of what we do at Marconi. Our specialty lies in creating modular designs and customizing systems that address the particular needs of our clients.

Conferences require attendance from a number of people. A government office, like the municipality of Kutahya, performs several functions throughout the day. One of those is putting in a vote for a particular issue. Marconi conference systems make the process of voting so much easier thanks to individual monitors found on each of the delegates’ desks.

A MODE system, in general, provides users with tools that make it easier to perform tasks. Innovations by Marconi are all designed to encourage collaboration and increase productivity. Everything that’s needed for a meeting is all readily available at the touch of a fingertip.

MODE conference solutions are:

  • Modular: System is scalable, it can be upgraded and expanded easily. No limit on the number of units interconnected.
  • Customizable: Funtional customization is at the heart of our solutions. Every aspect can be customized to make every project unique
  • Standard: We proud ourselves on how open are our systems, which are pure and truly IP based solutions, able to handle low latency audio and video streams.
  • Ultra-secure: We deploy military grade protocols and the latest encryption technologies to make sure that all the data exchanged in our systems are safe

Marconi components used by the Municipality of Kutahya

The Marconi conference system for the municipality is designed to be able to host debates and discussions as well as share documents and run voting sessions. These are its components:

  • Multimedia Conference System. The municipality uses the M27DT model in particular. It features a 10-inch high-resolution capacitive touchscreen encased in an Italian-designed polymer enclosure. The system is mounted on each desk for delegates to use and it is fitted with a microphone, which comes in handy in times of debates and discussions. In Kuthaya delegates are also able to share documents, view live video feeds on their devices, listen to simultaneous translators while a conference is held in a different language.

We specialize in integrating technology with design. It’s important for devices to not only function well but to also look good. Our products are not just aesthetically pleasing; they also get the job done.

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