Connector Plug

The Connector Plug is an elegant and compact solution part of the SOLO Series from Marconi. The concept is: maximum versatility under functional and aesthetical point of views. The design is unobtrusive and ultra-compact allowing an easy installation on any type of furniture; the finish can be personalized according to the needs and requirements of interior designers or architects along with the functional aspect: the Connector Plug can be equipped with different types of connectors, XLR for microphones, HDMI for displays, RJ45 for network connections and so on.
CP is perfect as a stand-alone product but it is also well suited in combination with other products from the Marconi Line. An example: use it with M27-DT Desktop unit in order to enable a clean and elegant network connection or with a M27-CO Core Multimedia Board to connect Microphones or HDMI plugs and access many functionalities of the powerful Marconi MODE27 Conference Solution.

Choose the plug you wish to include on your table inside the Connector Plug:
  • Compatible with most plugs available on the market: XLR, HDMI, RJ45, USB and so on
  • Foldable cover to close the upper surface when not used for a clean impact
  • Made in solid aluminum
  • Extremely easy to install
  • It allows a fast maintenance of the devices connected
  • Suitable for tables with any thickness starting from 2cm

Use the finish that better suit your interior:
  • Gold brushed
  • Silver brushed
  • Black Sandblasted or Brushed