Conference Management Module


Marconi conference module is the key module that has to be deployed on all Marconi MODE based conference solutions allowing the control and configuration of the next generation meetings that adopt the Marconi Multimedia & Interactive devices. Systems are supplied from the factory with the Conference Module already integrated in the multimedia units and on the central server. If a third party server has to be used Marconi offers the possibility to install the Conference Module in the third party solution. Once installed on the Server this module is accessible from any device, in fact it’s OS independent, just connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet to the Marconi IP network and you are good to go.


Events creation

Agenda topics management

User database handling

Unique ROLE creation function

Intuitive user interface

System settings configuration


Marconi Conference Management module is part of the conference suite of products specifically made for Marconi multimedia conference solutions to handle every aspect of you next generation meeting. Compatible with both MODE23 and MODE27 solutions the CM is an application that runs on both multimedia units and the central server offering the possibility to take the full control over all the settings and parameter of the conference and collaboration system. Create events in a calendar, invite people to the meeting with email integration, create new users and new personalized roles, new roles means you can create specific profiles that have custom permissions to use the system. Most importantly, this software is compatible with any device: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux allowing you to control the system from anywhere and create custom control positions.


  • Events creation and topic assignment

  • Calendar consultation

  • User management: create users, assign permissions, identification details or static seat assignment, load pictures, biographies, email integration

  • Create custom roles or use the standard ones: administrator, delegate, president, moderator

  • Consult synoptic map layout for controlling and operating the system with possibility to upoload picture of the map

  • Room layout units displacement according to the real position of the participants

  • Technical system settings to ensure meetings are held adopting the right configuration

  • Units exclusive system diagnostic integrated with synoptic map

Events and Calendar management

Roles and User management(control panel)

Synoptic Room Map Layout

System Settings

Note on system security