Discussion Management Module


Marconi discussion module is the module that allows the user to have full control over MODE27 Multimedia Discussion systems, it requires the MD-CM Conference Management module installed on the central server and on the multimedia units.


Debate management

Extensive microphones control

Roles dependent: Priority and RTT

FIFO – RFC – Timed

Intuitive user interface

Synoptic integration

Ultra-low audio latency


Marconi Discussion Management module is part of the conference suite of products specifically made for Marconi multimedia conference solutions to handle every aspect of you next generation meeting. Compatible with MODE27 solutions the DM is an application that runs on both multimedia units and the central server offering the possibility to take the full control over the microphone units of your conference and collaboration environment. The software allows a total personalization over the permissions for moderate the discussion, have the access to the microphone, handle requests received by other units, set speaking time. It is possible, from the user-friendly interface, to decide the speaker’s order, mute microphones or, if you are not the moderator, visualize the speaker’s list currently in the queue or actively speaking. The module can also be integrated with camera tracking features to frame the current speaker when the corresponding mic is activated


  • Microphones control and activation

  • Different permission can be freely assigned in personalized ways to different users

  • Priority function to pause all other microphones until priority is not released

  • Debate status check on units, on synoptic from any device connected to the system and authorized to access

  • Consult synoptic map layout for controlling and operating the microphones in a comfortable visual manner

  • Color-coded icons used to identify the microphone status

  • Set max. number of microphones simultaneosly opened from 1 to 8

  • Possibility to group microphones to be controlled from different outputs on the audio interface panel, with possibility to set different DSP controls like compressor, EQs, noise/gate

Debate Management Role

Debate Status informative panel

Synoptic layout integration