Document Sharing Module


Marconi Document Sharing module allows the user to add a fully equipped sharing platform to the powerful MODE based conference system. It comes pre-loaded in the server along with MD-CM Conference Management in order to integrate the role independent feature (Exclusive function by Marconi). Combine it with MD-SC and MD-AN to unleash the power of a fully equipped collaboration system.


Document Sharing module for MODE based solutions

Share your documents and enhance your collaborative space

Share, view, discuss and vote in one system

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Upload files in a secure environment with military grade sharing protocol


Document Sharing module for MODE based multimedia and interactive systems and that operates along with MD-CM module to add a document sharing platform on the multimedia interactive devices made by Marconi. This module allows the possibility to upload pdf files from any device connected and authorized in the MODE network. Any device means that it is possible to connect a laptop or a tablet and upload documents from such devices. Meetings will be more collaborative with this module installed. Combining this module with MD-SC Screen Cast and MD-AN Annotation will give you access to a true collaboration solution where all the Multimedia Units are able to not only visualize in real time the same document but also annotate the document while all users are participating. See MD-SC and MD-AN for more info on the specific modules.


  • Intuitive interace

  • Upload files from any device connected to the MODE network and authorized

  • Military grade protocols used to send the files to all the multimedia units connected in the MODE system

  • Compatible with PDF files

  • Possibility to combine with MD-SC Screen Cast to share the document on all other multimedia units in the system and on external displays

  • Possibility to combine with MD-AN Annotation to add any kind of note, shape, form and many other functions on the files shared with all the multimedia units

  • Permission dependent for allowing customization of user authorization to manage and view the documents

Document management and upload

Annotate shared documents (available as option for MD-DS)

Combine Sharing -> Annotation -> Screen Cast to unleash the full power of a complete collaboration solution