Multimedia Streaming Module


Marconi Multimedia Streaming module allows the possibility to stream FULL HD video content or audio only sources to all the multimedia and interactive MODE based units. The module is pre-loaded on the server and requires the presence of MD-CM Conference Management software and one MST License per each multimedia unit. (If video must be streamed Marconi LENC01 low latency video encoder is required)


Video streaming module for MODE based solutions

Stream low latency real-time video or any kind of video source

Share the presentation from your laptop with a simple HDMI connection

Stream audio-only sources like interpretation channels


Multimedia streaming module for MODE based interactive systems allows the user to stream any kind of audio/video content to all MODE based units. Easy, it’s IP! MODE based solutions are totally IP based and all the content transmitted doesn’t require any special or proprietary protocol to send real time data like audio or video to the multimedia units connected in the system, this means: scalability and possibility to insert at any point in the network your video source and stream the channel! If HDMI video sources must be streamed this module requires the LENC01 encoder from Marconi which allows the possibility to connect any HDMI source and generate the corresponding audio video stream available at the user’s fingertips. If audio-only sources must be streamed the feature is integrated within the audio interface of the system, always included if this functionality is required.


  • Create up to 20 video streaming channels in the system (1 channel correspond to 1 LENC01)

  • Stream live video sources like PTZ cameras

  • Connect laptops to make your power point presentations available to all the delegates in the room

  • Independently select the desired video channel or force all units to go on a specific channel

  • Customize the labels of each video channel created allowing the possibility to name the streaming with the name of the corresponding source

Video streaming management and accessibility