Screen Cast Module


Marconi Screen Cast module allows any unit to request to cast the display on all other units plus on external video systems, it is handled by screen cast manager. It comes pre-loaded in the server along with MD-CM Conference Management in order to integrate the role independent feature (Exclusive function by Marconi). Combine it with MD-DS and MD-AN to unleash the power of a fully equipped collaboration system.


Screen cast or display sharing module

Display sharing option from any MODE based unit in the system to all others

Made for enhancing collaboration environments

Share any content on your MODE unit to all other displays with the touch of a button


The Screen Cast module for MODE based solutions is a powerful option that enables the possibility to share the display of one multimedia MODE unit to all other units plus the possibility to send the same screen to external displays! A boardroom equipped with such feature enhance the collaboration at maximum levels. Combined with Document Sharing (MD-DS) platform and Annotation (MD-AN) it creates a complete collaboration package where every user in the room is able to cast his/her own screen to all others plus to external display systems connected to the video output of the server. An annotation can be seen on all those displays simultaneously in real-time with no delay. Every unit with the permission to do the screen cast can access this function, for this reason there is a Screen Cast manager: intuitive window used to handle the screen cast requests received by other units that allows or not the cast to happen


  • Press “Share” and see your screen on all the other units plus on external video systems connected to the server

  • Role dependendant feature, a unit must have the permission to access the screen cast to do it

  • Screen Cast Manager role to avoid confusion and to handling the screen cast requests received by the units

  • Low delay in the cast of the screen. See annotations made in real time on a document

  • Easy to recognize who is in cast mode, the name of the current user in cast mode is visualized on the MODE units

Screen Cast Management and Accessibility

Combine Sharing -> Annotation -> Screen Cast to unleash the full power of a complete collaboration solution