Voting and Survey Module


Marconi Voting & Survey module allows the user to have full control over MODE based Multimedia Voting systems, it requires the MD-CM Conference Management module installed on the central server and on the multimedia units. It comes pre-loaded on a central server with all the needed software dependencies already installed.


Voting & Survey management for MODE based solutions

Extremely flexible and customizable

Super easy to use and fully automated

Export results, show on external screens without any additional software

Control from any device. OS independent

Synoptic integration


Highly flexible and customizable Voting & Survey module made for MODE based solutions allowing the possibility to run voting sessions or any kind of survey desired. The software is installed together with MD-CM Conference Management module and it’s perfectly integrated with all the components: role permission customization (decide who can control the vote start and stop, the creation and the duration), synoptic integration to have a comfortable view of the on-going voting option on external displays without the need of an additional software component. The software is OS independent meaning that any device authorized in the MODE network can have access to the voting participation and management. Wireless, wired units in the same MODE based network can now vote and participate to surveys!


  • Voting with parliamentary security levels of encryption and raliability

  • Customize the number of choices available to participants in the sessions

  • Create an unlimited number of voting polls or surveys in multiple languages

  • Create new polls while the session is on-going

  • Assign specific permission to manage and participate to a vote

  • Set majority, quorum, timer for voting with automatic stop

  • Control the vote from multiple authorized units (MODE based or any other devices)

  • Pre-create voting templates for recall quickly choices during voting creation, incrased speed and efficency

  • Secret voting option

Voting & survey creation and management

Voting participation from user perspective